About Me

Ashley Taylor grew up in the Pacific NW an hour south of Seattle. You would think being so close to the city she would spend a lot of time there but you are mistaken. She prefers the smaller city of Tacoma, but only because she can’t parallel park.
Ashley who likes to go by Ash has a rather large mixed family complete with a terror… excuse me terrier named Quinn. She received her bachelor’s degree in “Art, Media & Society” from University of Washington at age 20 and like most students with art degrees works full time in the finance industry helping people by their dream homes.
In school Ash took an interest in photography, however over time she decided to leave that behind and took several creative writing classes. Being an avid reader (she regularly reads 40+ books a year) this seemed like a natural fit and her first short story was published at age 20.
6 years later Ash has decided to take some of her free time to devote to writing. Fiction, non fiction, subliminal rants, and random thoughts, this blog will hopefully make you laugh and maybe even think. Mostly laugh though because I’m… Sorry Ash is hilarious. Just ask her.